"Cultural experience begins with creative living first manifested as play."
D. W. Winnicott, "Playing: Its Theoretical Status in the Clinical Situation," 1971

This website provides a home for film-analytical essays in both audiovisual and written forms. The audiovisual essays, in particular, represent my attempts to study films in ways which are informed as much by my affective experiences of them as by my cognitive (sense-making) efforts.

Unlike all of my earlier academic publications, the video essays here will have been created using free-associative, and playful, techniques, albeit following on from numerous viewings of the films and the usual scholarly surveying of relevant critical work by others.

If the essays come to be published here, it means that I have been moved and informed by the experience of creating them. 

It also means that I hope that you may be moved and informed by them, too. Either way, your comments will always be very welcome.

Catherine Grant
June 2010